All Top 10 Content Writing Tips

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  1.  Understand readers: Users read differently on the web. The reading is more impression based rather than words. They would scan the the content they are intersted in and ignore rest. Have an indepth insight of how they read.
  2. Write content with right format: Start your sentence with conclusion with the use of right headings as this would catch readers attention at first glance. Use bullet points rather than descriptive statements
  3. Keep the sentence short and concise: Reduce word-count in clear and summarized form. Too much use of technical terms might deviate reader while reading,  hence place proper explanation for such terms. Maintain proper links for simple background information so that the most  casual visitor can connect the dots.
  4. Time and user interest: Include content which is relevant to your website to avoid track deviation. Always remember that reader has a time constraint and the relevant content is the biggest tool to sustain customer interest and experience
  5. Know your audience: Always know your target audience and their need. Write content based on readers expertise, profile and groups.
  6. Business objective:  The products, services, target customers should be relevant to business interests.
  7. Engage your user: Readers don’t just read on web , they visualise based on impression which could be enhanced by interactive content. Hence the content should speak rather than being read.
  8. Adopt right Hierarchical methods: Use appropriate tags. Structure your content with H1 tag for main heading., H2 tag for subheadings and so on, as this would reflect search engines that your content is well-structured and professionally written leading to a higher ranking.
  9. Meta Tags: Meta tags play pivot role for an effective content strategy. Proper title tags, meta description and meta keywords are extremely important in gaining user click-through from the search engine result pages (SERPs).
  10. Genuine Content Matters: Make fresh content as the search engine may penalise for the use of duplicate stuff. The original content with the genuine matter makes you sustantiate a good content strategy
  11. Score on Images: Remember that the visual content is easy to memorize and retain. A good content backed with the right visuals can have that long lasting effect which the content designers aim for. Be mindful of not copying images from restricted sources.